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The First Kazakhstani Industrial Design Expo

08 / 12 / 2010

The first Kazakhstani industrial design exhibition, Design Weekend «White Fall» was carried out in Almaty, on December 3-4. Among the organizers of the event were such companies as mechanical piano and Hennessy.

NAYADA company took an active part in the event. Sergei Smirnov, one of the leading industrial designers in Russia and the leader of Product Development Group SmirnovDesign and Anna Smurygina, the repeat winner of a range of contests and expositions taught a master class for all guests. Anna Smurygina also also presented a report Create. Produce. Sell.

Anna Smurygina, a young designer, a repeat winner of international contests and expos, and the author of the FOREST shelf
Sergei Smirnov, one of the leading industrial designers in Russia

The industrial and conceptual design exhibition in Almaty gathered together local and foreign creators from Japan, Italy, and South Korea. Artists, photographers and those who wanted to see the process of design becoming an art to also got a chance to present their works.

The exhibits were displayed in the biggest hall of Kazakhfilm film studio. In the first winter weekend it turned into a magic winter landscape filled with light and creative waves.

At the exhibition NAYADA demonstrated interior items created by the leading designers of the world: Forest shelf-rack and Cell-la-Table from Anna Smurygina, Hedronics arm-chair from Daniel Dendra, Stripess folding chair from Stefany Romanovskaya and Smartballs poofs.

FOREST shelf-rack
HEDRONICS arm-chair
STRIPESS arm-chair

It's worth mentioning that NAYADA encourages designers in every aspect of their creativity. That is why the items displayed at the expo appear to be both, bold design solutions and production-ready units.