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Reception units: seamless elements of VIP interior

08 / 12 / 2011

NAYADA company has created a perfect VIP space in Barvikha village called Pride Wellness Club. The main objective was to create a flexible and comfortable space. Reception units became the key elements of interior, each of them having unique design and visual message.

The visitors of Pride Wellness Club see the main reception unit just as they enter the wellness center. The counter lacks additional decorative elements and is executed in a monochrome palette. The rhythm is expressed by the alternation of metallic and wooden textures. Laconic geometrical forms, right angles and parallel lines express fundamentality and practicality. Horizontal lines visually make reception wider creating an impression of stillness and silence and symbolizes stability and self-confidence. The top of the reception unit is made of natural marble Emperador Dark, which helps the unit to seamlessly fit into the whole design concept. The lighting under the tabletop creates a feeling of weightlessness, in which this monolithic horizontal element soars. The wall behind the counter is decorated with a dynamic pattern adding expression to the whole composition. Friendly administrators work at this reception unit every day deriving great pleasure from it.

A reception counter in hi-tech style decorated with dark wood veneer with insets made of matte glass with lighting is placed in a fitness hall. The contrast between the surfaces serves as a means of harmonization and joins the opposite elements into one system making the interior dynamic and uncommon. Apart from clearly defined style the design of the reception unit carries a message. Regular geometric forms, straight angles and lines suggest safety, endurance and equableness of mind – the features indispensable for those who regularly goes in for sports. The tabletop of a rectangular shape made of artificial Corian stone visually overhangs the floor adding stability to the whole composition. The counter serves as a comfortable workplace for coaches.

There is another reception unit placed in a spacious room near the swimming pool specially for swimming instructors. The counter is an image of laconism. The carcass of the unit is made of polished stainless steel, the facade elements are made of curved glass. The white matte facade of the counter symbolizes air, water and cleanness. The tabletops of the reception units placed in the guest and working zones are made of black artificial stone Corian.

The administrators' reception unit set at the entrance to the SPA zone is made of matte glass with lighting and dark wood veneer insets. The tabletop is made of artificial Corian stone and has a regular rectangular shape. The light wall behind the unit has a smooth texture and includes a nice niche with lighting. Even contours and compositional symmetry symbolize clarity, stability and composure telling the visitors about the coming relaxation.