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NAYADA has created original space for negotiations

02 / 02 / 2012
Name: Asian Hi-tech Manufacturing Company
Project architect: NAYADA's idea
Project manager: Vyacheslav Andrianov
Construction manager: Sergei Korobkov
Installed NAYADA's products: NAYADA-Standart systems, NAYADA – Doors.

Today subway is becoming more and more popular among people. Sometimes it can even become a place for conducting negotiations and discussing new ideas. NADA has built a conference room imitating the interior of a subway car in the office of an Asian hi-tech production company. According to the client, this room became the most comfortable place for conducting negotiations with partners as well as for brainstorming.

This uncommon stylistic solution was realized with the help of NAYADA-Standart partitions. On the inside part of the stained-glass window films depicting the most beautiful Moscow subway stations were applied. The designers considered every detail, that is why the conference room has NAYADA roll-in doors, which imitate the doors in the subway car. Each window has a picture with a station, which adds some dynamics both to the whole room and the processes.

In situations when deliberateness and insinuation are required, there are three more conference rooms built by NAYADA in a more traditional style. They were made with the help of NAYADA-Standart partitions with glass filling and chipboard imitating natural wood.

The clients particularly noted, how laconically and elegant the tasks were completed. Thanks to NAYADA solutions in the Moscow office of an Asian company several different conference rooms were built, each of them creating its unique rhythm and atmosphere.