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ArchChallenge 2013: designers and architects were asked to create their own concepts of ‘Flex Office’

29 / 05 / 2013

The NAYADA Company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of interior partitions, doors and office furniture, in partnership with the communications agency ProjectNext, held an Orientation Seminar for the international competition in design and architecture – the ‘ArchChallenge 2013: Flex Office’, which provides a unique opportunity for talented designers and architects to realize their creative ideas. Contestants have a real chance to launch their projects into serial production, have them presented at international exhibitions, and enter the world market.

The event brought together more than 120 starting and practicing designers and architects. Each of them was able to obtain full information about current trends in the design of office spaces, as well as to find out all the details about participation in the contest.

Dmitry Cherepkov, president of the NAYADA Group of Companies, spoke about the rules and conditions in this latest competitive cycle - the ‘Flex Office’, and demonstrated all the manufacturing capabilities of NAYADA, based on examples of the realized projects.

“The creation of a new product occurs in several ways; at least this is how it is done in our company. There is the standard way – when we clearly know what result we wish to obtain, and we appeal to a specific designer and implement the idea using a clear-cut plan and task,” Dmitry Cherepkov explained the idea of the competition. “The ArchChallenge, on the other hand, is a creative laboratory, where we do not set tough technical specifications, leaving room for creativity. This allows contestants to look at the problem more broadly, discuss it, try and experiment, in order to create something new. Then, if after all these joint experiments, we are convinced that the product is good, we launch it into mass production.”

Sergey Konnov, managing partner of ProjectNext,mentioned the timeliness of the chosen theme for this year's competition: “The majority of office manufacturers offer their customers collections of furniture,chosen bythe industrial principle – separate furniture for employees, separate furniture for conference rooms, for reception, separate partitions, separate furniture for offices, etc. This is based to the basic functions of an office. Moreover, first of all, these directions are not necessarily aligned with each other, and second, they do not take into account a large number of emerging ‘intermediate’ new scenarios of office work, and most importantly, they do not take into account the new needs of companies.”

Sergey Estrin, head of the Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios, delivered a presentation entitled: “The anatomy of space: special considerations when working on office interiors”. He spoke about space planning and versatile furniture solutions for modern offices. “In the case of individual designer office interiors, the furniture plays the “final touch” role. It should not distract people’s attention, but should serve as a universal tool that could fit into the maximum number of solutions,” added Sergey Estrin.

The speech delivered by Vladimir Kuzmin, architect, designer and head of Field Design Studios, was dedicated to office spaces, interior designs and furniture in the FLEX focus, using the example of the Field Design Office Group.

“One of the main objectives in the design of Flex-based architectural furniture is not modernization, but the creation of such convertible furniture that can be easily adapted to different environments. It is important for the participants of ArchChallenge to accept the mobile evaluation of their own work – this is the virtue of a good architect,” explained Vladimir Kuzmin.

Meeting and talking with Arseny Leonovich, the winner of last year's NAYADA ‘ArchChallenge: Object 2012’ in the category “Furniture for Co-Working”, was one of the most precious moments for the participants. Arseny told his story of success, and answered numerous questions, asked by the future participants.

“The items themselves must be modern and transformable. Today, they live separately, but tomorrow they may be joined into groups, even changing their heights. Thus, a meeting, for example, may be turned into a library,”

the designer stressed.

About the competition:

Admission of projects to the ‘ArchChallenge 2013: Flex Office’ competition will continue until October 14, 2013. Submissions must be made via the official website of the contest — archchallenge.com, where registration is required.

Each submitted work should include the visualization of the proposal, drawings and an explanatory note, where the designer specifies the various layout options for the furniture.

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, which, like the final contest exhibition, will be held in November 2013

The prize fund is 600,000 rubles.

Goal of the competition:

NAYADA Company proposes to create sets of office furniture solutions, based on the principles of flexibility, i.e., modularity, functional and aesthetic compatibility, transformability (reconfiguration), and taking into account different scenarios for office work in ‘open-space’ offices.

Detailed information can be on the website Archchallenge.com


Please feel free to contact the organizers of the competition about any questions, or call us directly at 8 (967) 169-4808 to clarify any details about participation in the competition.

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