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A comfortable office for everyone: NAYADA for Yurayt Publishing House

21 / 07 / 2013

The design of office spaces for publishing houses should consider the specific features of each employee’s work. Editors and proofreaders need complete silence. Lawyers need to focus on the drafting of contracts. At the same time, there should be platforms for conferences, as well as meeting areas for communication with writers and partners.

Yurayt Publishing House successfully carries out business in the book market, producing textbooks intended for secondary educational institutions and universities. Quality textbooks and manuals, dictionaries, reference books, reading books, monographs and teaching aids are always in high demand. The publisher’s products are distributed in all the regions of the Russian Federation and in the near abroad.

The Yurayt office takes into account the interests of all the employees; they designed a modern and comfortable space using the possibilities offered by NAYADA.

To delimit the working area, it was decided to create several meeting rooms, without breaking the integrity of the premises. An ideal solution, which visually enlarged the space of this compact office, was the classic NAYADA-Standart partition system. To extend the functionality of the partitions, graceful NAYADA rolling glass doors were installed.

The conference room is the scene of a variety of events that happen in the Yurayt Company. The space, which at the same time functions as the main meeting room, where the key events and business meetings are held, which is a working area as well, should be as flexible and transformable as possible. NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions allowed transforming the space, depending on the task — in a few minutes a large room can be transformed into several working sections, preserving the sound insulating properties of each of them.

The office of Yurayt, adapted to the needs of each employee, rallied the friendly staff of the company even more. Now, it has become more pleasant and easier to implement the mission of the Publishing House «to improve the professional level of Russia’s specialists».