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Modern classics: pleasure in every detail. NAYADA’s project for the Koblev and Partners Law Bureau

11 / 11 / 2013

The NAYADA Company designed the new offices of for the Koblev and Partners Law Bureau, located in B-Plaza BC.

The concept of the interior is designed in the style of modern classics. The design corresponds to the strict and modern image of the company.

The structure of the office is built based on the classic scheme – reception, meeting rooms and work area. The workspace is divided into small rooms. This layout fully meets the functional requirements of the bureau, and is very convenient for both individual work of lawyers and for meetings with clients

The space of the office is divided by the partitions and doors with high sound insulation, the NAYADA-Intero. The library-meeting room is decorated with light all-glass partitions, the NAYADA-Crystal.

Wooden panels of warm deep chocolate color emphasize the respectability of the interior, and light beige tones and glass constructions brighten up the laconic design and make it more modern. The selected color scheme evokes a feeling of comfort, creates a sense of security, stability and comfort.

As a result of the creative work, we finished with a comfortable, stylish, modern office, providing a comfortable environment for work or negotiations.