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With love from NAYADA: daycare project in Krasnoyarsk

10 / 12 / 2013

The NAYADA Company has completed work on the design of a social object – a daycare in Krasnoyarsk. Daycare No. 1 in the Pokrovsky Neighborhood has become a real ideological revelation. Bright colors, light tones, the atmosphere of comfort and creativity are pleasant to the eye and provide a positive influence on the children’s consciousness

In addition to the visual characteristics, the basic requirement for the project was compliance with strict hygiene and fire safety requirements.

For this daycare, NAYADA supplied door units with lined and laminated door leaves, laminated fireproof doors, fireproof partitions, and sanitary products of moisture-resistant laminated chipboard and compact plastic. The total number of the installed doors exceeded 180 pieces.

The space of the three-span atrium in the center of the structure is fenced using NAYADA-Fireproof partitions with a protection class of EIW-15. The atrium is designed in the form of lovely colorful houses, conducive to playing and stimulating creativity.

Booths and screens in washroom areas are made of moisture-resistant laminated chipboard, and the partitioning in the shower rooms of the swimming pool are made of compact plastic, a modern eco-friendly material.

We hope that the main customers, i.e., children and their parents, will be pleased with colorful interiors of this new daycare