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ART-Doors from NAYADA in private interiors

17 / 12 / 2013

The NAYADA Company has completed one of its largest projects in the private sector. Special doors produced by NAYADA were installed in a cottage located in the village of Valischevo. Work on the creation of the interior design, performed together with the Maria Rozhnikova Workshop Studios, took almost an entire year. The result was an interesting project with a bright strong personality.

The project concept involved the creation of concise and functional space in the minimalist style, equally comfortable for living and for receiving guests. The combination of classic and modern design elements and furniture, imparts a special originality and expressiveness to the interior.

Each room of the house has its own individual character, and bold solutions in the finishing of the doors emphasize these features. Different materials were organically combined in one project – stone, leather, and SIBU panels in imitation ostrich leather.

All doors are mounted in telescopic frames with casings from 2 sides of the opening, which allow installing the frame in any opening with the help of spacers. This project uses non-standard solutions for painting the casings in different colors, matching the color of the walls in different rooms, and non-standard colored spacers. All door leaves are mounted on hidden hinges.

The interior with neutral tones is diluted with bright details such as the doors and furniture. Door leaves have different finishing on both sides, adapting to the interior of each room.

For example, in the hall and bathroom, the stylish doors in Bluestone fit well with the elegant doors in LEATHER.

Easy-to-care moisture-proof SIBU panels are used for finishing the doors in bathrooms and shower rooms.

Bright airy door leaves were manufactured for the living room and children’s rooms, which harmoniously fitted in with the interior of each room.

For the offices and dressing rooms, NAYADA manufactured doors in classic designs, using precious wood veneers and stone.

The doors of the library are made of genuine leather, which emphasizes the interior and matches the style of the room, i.e., book covers.

“The customers are passionate people, and in addition to comfort, they love everything extravagant and unusual. In designing this project, we tried to diversify the interior with bright accents and art items in a modern style: original decorations and lights, textured doors, interesting finishing of the walls. We can say that this house is something eclectic. For example, the office of the house owner was not designed in the spirit of the general interior of the house,” commented designers from the Maria Rozhnikova Workshop.