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NAYADA Project for the Bank Center Credit in Kazakhstan

21 / 12 / 2013

NAYADA accomplished work in creating interiors for one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan, Bank Center Credit. Moving to the new office situated at the Almaty Financial Center is suited to the 25th anniversary of the company.

The six floors of the bank’s office premises are decorated with various products by NAYADA: NAYADA-Standart, NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA Regina Lite, NAYADA Regina Line, NAYADA-Ice, NAYADA-Hufcor, laminated and veneer-covered doors by NAYADA, and sanitary partitions.

In developing the interior design, architects have skillfully united the classical style with elements of high-tech. For instance, in the bank’s history museum, the columns covered with classical wooden panels received built-in LCD screens. In the center of the premises there is an all-glass NAYADA-Crystal partition coated with a film that allows projecting images that represent the history of the bank’s foundation and growth.

Design of the building required a special approach to zoning of the inner space. Along the “core” (the center of the building), there are offices of managing directors and conference halls. Here, designers applied NAYADA-Standart partition system filled with glass elements to ensure sufficient light penetration. In order to create additional comfort, NAYADA installed acoustic panels of various colors on the walls and ceilings.

The interior features materials that are typical for a bank office: leather, stone, and fine wood decorative elements. Abundance of glass, use of natural materials for decorative purposes, a strict color scheme – they are all meant to create an image of a modern and rapidly developing company with due respect to banking traditions.

Spacious and functional work areas made in the Open-Space format are equipped with all-glass NAYADA-Crystal-ICE mobile screens. Light and delicate structures provide convenient separation lines between workplaces and help to save office space.

To retain the style of the premises where top managers’ offices and negotiating rooms are situated, NAYADA has installed several partition systems. The walls are decorated with wooden panels. In order to reduce “acute angles”, NAYADA-Crystal partitions are installed along the radius, where they are interlaced with partitions from NAYADA-Regina Lite system. All structures are made with the use of different kinds of veneer on the side facing the offices and the corridor.

The conference hall is separated with a transformable system NAYADA-Hufcor, which is over 3.5 m high and 10 m long, made in pale oak color. The partitions that have been installed allow creating a large communication area, made up of several premises without interrupting acoustic insulation.