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Natural interior of Izmailovsky SC by NAYADA

23 / 01 / 2014

The NAYADA Company arranged the space of the new Izmailovsky Shopping Center, located in the Izmailovo District of Moscow. The Izmailovsky SC, with the total area of ​​16,800 sq. m., is located on one of the central streets of the district, which has a population of more than 100,000 people.

Design project of the shopping center was developed by the Ferrari Studio Design Bureau headed by Italian designer Maras Pico. The basic idea of the design is creating an atmosphere of cozy and colorful “natural” space, harmoniously associated with the neighboring Izmailovo Woodland Park.

The three-story building of the shopping center is of modern urban style with a plenty of glass that provides good illumination with natural light. Modern interior and rich colors are designed to create a special place for shopping and entertainment for the whole family.

The ​​entrance areas are made airy and aesthetically beautiful with NAYADA automatic glass doors based on NAYADA-Standart partitions.


NAYADA-Fireproof glass doors are installed in the passages of the shopping center. On the ground and second floors there are painted fireproof metal doors. Laminated NAYADA doors are installed in the washrooms.



NAYADA-Crystal steel glass partitions are an ideal solution for the shop windows. Thanks to the possibility of using the profile-less glazing of large areas, the structures provide the best “transparency” for the stores.


Throughout the interior, there are green colors and live plants that bring a piece of nature into the design. Public space of the shopping center connects different functional areas, predetermining the main task – creating a colorful natural interior that will appeal to both adults and children.