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14 / 02 / 2014

A special atmosphere of love and warmth reign on February 14. Survey findings of Superjob.ru, the recruitment portal, indicate that 6% of Russian companies are going to celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day officially in their offices. Some companies even organized special postal services that help employees not only to send their greetings on this occasion, but also to declare their liking of someone among their colleagues.

In honor of the St. Valentine’s Day, NAYADA has decided to show that even strict office space of the most serious companies can cause positive emotions. We have prepared several NAYADA projects for companies that particularly love their employees and have created the appropriate interiors. After all, we spend more than one third of our life and experience a variety of emotions at work.

The Google Company, a dream of all IT-managers, is the undisputed leader in terms of «comfort for its employees». Sofas and cozy coffee table in the Moscow office are suitable for both formal negotiations and for personal conversations over a cup of tea.

In the Yekaterinburg office of Yandex, one can conduct meetings or just relax in Smartballs soft bags and comfortable armchairs.


Another bright office for an IT-company, created by NAYADA, is a well-known headquarters of VKontakte in St. Petersburg. Bright meeting rooms, glazed with soundproof NAYADA partitions, are designed for face-to-face communication.

Meeting rooms in the office of Gide Loyrette Nouel are designed using red shades, stimulating creativity, brain activity and a positive attitude.

The working area of the direct marketing agency Itella Connexion has several silent rooms for negotiations and phone conversations.


«Space» interior of the negotiation rooms in the Moscow office of Nokia.

Jolly lounge area in the office of GSL will brighten any gloomy day and charge you with a positive attitude.

This is an «island of tranquility» in the NAYADA office. You can discuss pressing issues with colleagues at a natural table with Lunch Outdoors. Later you can have a rest in comfortable Smartballs beanbags on the second floor.

On this occasion, we would like to send you our Nayada Valentine Card:

Love is the most valuable thing we have. Love one another!