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Itella Connexion office by NAYADA: European functionality and Russian hospitality

18 / 02 / 2014

In the spirit of internationalism, NAYADA arranged the new Moscow office of the largest direct marketing agency — the Itella Connexion.

The architect of the project is Sla Malenko (STATOM).

The customer contacted us hoping for understanding of the Scandinavian style and the «Russian soul». Since the team is mainly composed of young and creative people, one of the requests was to create an enjoyable and bright design. Yet, the priority in the project creation was the comfort of employees and functionality of the office. In order to achieve these objectives, NAYADA glass partitions were applied.

«This project was implemented in the Design and Build format within three months, on a turnkey basis, and with complete office furnishings,» says Sla Malenko. The business area is clearly divided into the front office for visitors and a work area for employees. In the center there is a black corridor leading to all zones of the office. In one of the zones, NAYADA-Hufcor glass sliding partitions are installed.

According to the corporate rules, even the General Director does not have the right to have a separate office, so it was decided to apply the NAYADA-Crystal full-glass partitions, to partially separate the key personnel from the open space, and to create conference areas.

In the work area, there is a silent room for negotiations and phone conversations.


Another small conference area is created using NAYADA-Crystal with sky-blue light-transmitting film.


The NAYADA-Crystal system was also used for zoning the bright lounge-kitchen, which has become a favorite place of many employees.


«We suddenly found ourselves in a new office! Light, bright and spacious, it is comfortable to work in and we enjoy spending free time here as well. In every corner, there is a sense of the international spirit of our company. We do not want to leave this place at all, and we don’t actually have to, as we have a cozy kitchen-lounge, where we often meet not only at lunchtime, but in the evenings as well,» says Yekaterina Erokhina, Administrative and Financial Director of Itella Connexion.