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Office interior in the style of a cruise ship: NAYADA’s project for the Russian Mortgage Bank

19 / 03 / 2014

The new office of the Russian Mortgage Bank, which was designed with participation of the NAYADA Company, destroys the stereotype that a bank is an austere and monotonous place. When designing the new office, located in a renovated historic building, the architect Arseny Leonovich deliberately departed from the classical office system. The choice was made in favor of smooth shapes and non-standard layout. As conceived by the architects, the bank interior resembles a cruise ship.

The presentable, austere office space corresponds to the status of the bank, however, visitors feel quite comfortable here. Instead of a standard layout, there is an oval «island» in the center, which is executed with the help of NAYADA partitions. It is surrounded by all the necessary zones from open space (reception, waiting area, workplaces) to the director’s office.

The entire interior is decorated in muted aristocratic gamma — different shades of brown, from ash grey to golden, create an atmosphere of austerity and respectable comfort at the same time.


The curved lines of the vast central capsule set the basis for the entire interior. The NAYADA-Standart-Lite radial glass partitions create smooth forms of the space. The curved tinted tea-colored glass emphasizes the elegant atmosphere and forms a lasting image of the interior. The NAYADA-Intero double-glazed door leaves are made to match the color of the glass partitions.


NAYADA decorated the entrance area and the meeting rooms with NAYADA-Regina Line decorative panels, made of natural American walnut veneer.

Translucent partitions and panels, made of natural materials from NAYADA, combined with austere leather furniture — all this reminds people of an interior of an expensive, fashionable cruise liner.


«Our goal was to create a bank interior with a minimum of prints and elements of dry office style. A special role in the creation of a pleasant business atmosphere is played by carefully selected finishing materials: tea-colored glass partitions form the inner filling of the „island“; flat lampshades are reflected in the darkened glass of the partitions, setting the direction of motion and thus „pushing“ the space and making it lighter. As a result, we obtained a comfortable office for the bank’s customers and employees,» said Arseny Leonovich (Panacom), architect of the project.