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Away with office templates: choose NAYADA for individuality

28 / 04 / 2014

Each project of the NAYADA Company is interesting and unique in its own way, and each client – is an individual. NAYADA carefully studies every project and offers a solution that best fits every customer, for the successful development of their businesses. Here we present a selection of architects’ ideas, which were implemented by NAYADA in various corporate offices.

NAYADA-Crystal partitions were incorporated into the office space of a large transport company. In addition, glass was used for the cladding of walls, creating the reception desk and light-boxes. Even the ceiling in the office of the chief executive and cupboards were made with this extremely variable material. All work with glass – from the manufacturing to the final installation – was undertaken by the NAYADA Company.

The glazed atrium in the new office of Mail.Ru was finished using no-post (seamlessly folding into a book-shape) NAYADA-Fireproof partitions. The construction was duplicated by tempered glass that provides additional sound insulation, fire resistance and safety of the atriums. Partitions have not only doubled the fire safety of the building, but also created a magnificent panoramic view. For the Mail.Ru project, NAYADA installed glazed partitions with the highest degree of fire resistance – EIW-90. This design, at the same time light and elegant, makes the premises safe, and allows blocking the penetration of fire for 90 minutes.


One of the key ideas of NAYADA for facing of the walls in the S.T.I. Dent office became an element of the “wave”, which was applied in the design of panels and decorative furniture items. The chosen theme was the original embodiment during the separation of office spaces.


For the Calzedonia office, the designers of NAYADA-Regina, together with Italian architect Nicolo Nigri, developed a new doorframe, achieving a uniform level of the glass and profile. Thanks to these design solutions and production techniques, the soundproofing of the premises and aesthetics of all decorated space was improved.

Negotiating section in the Moscow office of the Walt Disney Company, created with the help of NAYADA-Twin with prints of fabulous trees. Red color profiles – remind one of roses from “Alice in Wonderland”.


To implement complex ideas of frameless glazing for negotiating areas and coffee stations in the Castrol office, NAYADA mounted the profile-free NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions. The specialists of NAYADA applied a special film with the corresponding corporate colors of Castrol – green, red and white.