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Your vacation starts here: NAYADA project for the Sodis Travel Company

08 / 05 / 2014

In connection with the expansion of its staff, the Sodis Travel Company decided to move to a new representative office where all its employees and customers could be comfortably accommodated. This new office occupies most of the ground floor of an elite residential complex in Moscow. Work on this NAYADA project was led by architect Kontantin Nezhurin.

The design of an office for a tourist agency must be as comfortable as possible for every visitor. Therefore, the main emphasis during the construction is placed on convenience and comfort. As a result, the concept of the interior was created in the style of modern classics.

Particular attention was paid to the furniture. Comfortable chairs and sofas, a table with travel guides and prospectuses of various countries, and a cup of hot coffee – which makes the potential traveler positively disposed to negotiations.

For this project, NAYADA has created a whole complex of functional and comfortable furniture, from a corner table to the massive cabinets. Furniture solutions were made at the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory.

Upon entering, the atmosphere of the office is set by a semicircular reception desk with backlights. On the opposite side, there is another desk – this one more petite. The two curved flowing lines of the stand are reminiscent of the Sodis Company logo. A feeling of lightness is achieved through a combination of white walls and reception stands with light wood finishes.


All furniture and parts, including doors, are designed in the same style and with the use of light colors. All corridors have laminated NAYADA fireproof doors.


The “dead-end” corridor is enlivened with posters and niches with plants, vases and sculptures. Glass inserts over NAYADA doors fill the space with light.


The working zone is organized with the help of NAYADA working furniture. Modern ergonomic furniture solutions provide an optimized workspace, ensuring ease of operation and mobility.


Offices of executives are equipped with tables, shelves, desks and a large wardrobe. All furniture items are made in the same style. Even the windowsill is made from the same materials as the furniture. Soft corners and warm tones add ease and comfort to the room, setting a positive tone.

The entrance to a large conference room is furnished with NAYADA sliding doors. Height of the structures is three meters. In the center, there is a massive table with veneer finishing. The combination of high ceilings and a large negotiation table visually increases the size of the room. Absence of all unnecessary details makes it easier to focus on business processes. For coffee breaks, there is a corner table with rounded edges.


Cozy light office, nice interior, comfort and convenience in every detail – it seems like a relaxing holiday for the customer has already begun at the travel agency.