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A riot of colors and shapes: NAYADA project for the office of the BBDO Group Advertising Agency

19 / 06 / 2014

The new office of the leading advertising agency BBDO Group clearly proves that the office space – is really a work of art and a powerful generator of creative inspiration. Nefaresearch architects designed the modern creative space to be more like an art center than a traditional office. The color dominant became the firm’s red-white-gray-black BBDO palette.

The dynamic space of the office has been created in a renovated old industrial factory building. The office occupies all four floors of the building. The ground floor holds the public zone, while the other three floors are reserved for the working zones, executed with the help of NAYADA partitions and doors systems.

The main theme of the interior nucleus became the red voluminous structure, extending to all zones of the office. Evolving into the space, the volume at places increases, at places decreases and disappears completely, leaving a small accent. In working zones, the volume turns into a huge gray-red cube, contributing to the birth of new ideas in the minds of agency staff. This spatial solution allowed coping with the impossibility of transferring many existing partitions and utility lines in the old building.


In the center of each working floor is a closed administrative core with private offices and meeting rooms, around which the workspace is formed. If necessary, the private offices may be turned into meeting rooms – and vice versa. The volumetric constructions are decorated with NAYADA-Crystal transparent glass partitions. To achieve maximum openness of space, frameless partitions were mounted in non-standard openings. The same thing was done with the door – a frameless door leaf with a lever handle, while the door closer mechanism is located in the floor.


Separate executive offices are completed with NAYADA-Intero doors and partitions with a high degree of sound insulation. The height of these structures is nearly three meters.

“At the request of the client, the style of the office was to resemble a contemporary art center, rather than a traditional office. We tried to create a bright, dynamic and very modern image with some irony that promotes creative and innovative thinking, which is much needed in the work of an advertising agency,” commented on the project architects Boris Voskoboynikov, Dmitry Ovcharov, Maria Akhremenkova (Nefaresearch Studio).