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And like a London dandy dressed - And high society met at last: NAYADA project for a menswear boutique

14 / 07 / 2014

NAYADA rubs elbows with the world of high fashion. The interior of a Moscow premium menswear boutique has been designed by the INSTUDIO Architectural Bureau, using NAYADA solutions to reproduce a traditional style found in respectable men’s clothing salons.

When designing this project, the authors tried to preserve the existing height of the ceilings and other architectural features (the boutique is located in one of the seven buildings known as the “Seven Sisters” of Moscow).

One of the features of the showroom – is furniture solutions by NAYADA, emphasizing the overall architecture of the premises. The interior style gravitates towards the cabinet type, thus massive furniture constructions were used as the basis for the design. The main interior and aesthetic line is based on a natural bleached oak dominant.

NAYADA created all the elements of the furniture: shelves, full-extension drawers, podiums, several types of cabinets: built-in and freestanding, display cabinets, wall panels, cash counters, and furnishings for fitting rooms. Furniture items are made with LED backlighting. Brightness and tone of the lighting was separately agreed upon between NAYADA experts and the customer.

“A special role in creating a comfortable atmosphere is played by ceiling accent lighting and furniture lighting, with the help of which we managed to create comfortable sales zones, changing rooms and meeting areas,” noted the architects of the project.

NAYADA-Regina doors deserve individual attention, as they succinctly complete the stylistic unity of the interior. Installed in the showroom are veneered doors, as well as custom-made veneered doors with decorative panels. Door heights stretch to nearly three meters.