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Modern business temple: NAYADA project for the Lesnaya Plaza BC

21 / 07 / 2014

Aedas architects turned the dark and featureless Lesnaya (Forest) Plaza BC into a modern space for business meetings and relaxation, corresponding to a high-class office building. The NAYADA solutions, implemented in the project, allowed architects to realize the main request of the customer – to create a “modern business temple” with clean lines and proportions.

Originally, the entrance area was divided into three different sized areas, with no pronounced functionality. In their place, the architects created a reception zone, an elevator lobby and a recreation zone.

In the reception zone, they installed black glazed NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-60 doors, which can prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and gas for one hour.

Waiting zones were built into the side niches. They are delineated in the premises by means of a contrasting floor and three-dimensional wall solutions. Specifically for this project, NAYADA specialists developed complex three-dimensional milled doors. Embedded in the doorways are hidden closers, drop-down thresholds and access control systems with electromagnetic locks. Adding special complexity was the manufacturing of the three-dimensional designs. Visually, the doors had to blend in with the three-dimensional panels. As a result, the doors to the interior are visually “hidden” in the walls – on the one hand, this gives a uniform look to the spaces, while on the other, it does not distract the eye from the conceptual center – the reception zone.

The conceptual center of the recreational area became the rectangular fountain walkway aligned at the same level as the floor. At the bottom – a line starts from the reception and connects all zones of the business center. In the ceiling above the fountain is a spectacular niche with dormer windows. The fountain serves not only decorative purposes, but also reflects light, thus enhancing the natural lighting. A special fountain decoration is the transparent wall waterfall from NAYADA. To retain waterproofing, the floating glass is glued to a special “bowl”. The glass fountain repeats the simple silhouette of the stone wall in the reception zone and serves as a logical termination of the entire entrance area, beyond which are located the offices of the business center.

Unlike the strict vestibule zone, in the recreational zone the architects created an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Installed along the perimeter are NAYADA-Twin doors with a black matte color profiles. The glazing contains tempered floating glass, which does not cast shadows, something inherent in standard “colorless” glass. The glass has intricate designs created by laser engraving. Each glass section is highlighted using hidden LED lighting. Control of the lighting (brightness, flicker) is performed via remote control.

On the second floor, they installed black glazed NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-60 doors, equipped with two-way access control systems.

The glass fencing from NAYADA was installed using hidden clamping profiles, which creates the effect of a light construction. There are no extra parts, just the fine decorative stainless steel tubing, which creates a kind of frame for the glass.

“After the renovation, instead of a single space on the ground floor, three different zones appeared. With that, the problem of a heavy dark entrance was also solved. The black ceiling was replaced by a light ceiling, creating a sense of heaven and adding “air” to the space. The space now appears higher than it really is. Functional zoning is achieved by using contrasting natural materials. As a result, we got a real “modern temple to modern business,” project architects Maria Sharich and Ksenia Teofilovich (Aedas Architectural Bureau) commented on the project.