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Rational planning workstations: NAYADA office project for the Auchan retail chain

15 / 08 / 2014

Specialists from the LINE Architects Architectural Bureau worked on a project involving the renovation of the central office of the well-known retail chain Auchan Russia, without interrupting the previous working mode of the employees. NAYADA partitions and doors become one of the key components in the new interior.

The architects’ assignment was to create a modern space with ergonomic workstations for a company with a high level of internal development and typical corporate style.

A decision was made do separate all the main office zones by stationary partitions. Architects set themselves the task to organize the premises so that it was practical, presentable and modern. They chose in favor of using the maximum glazing and increased insulation – NAYADA-Twin partition systems. Corporate colors of Auchan decorate the glass partitions, corresponding to the general project design.

NAYADA partitions made it possible to create a bright “crossing” from one side of the building to the other, which provides comfortable natural lighting in the entire office.

Furthermore, it was required to increase the number and sizes of the meeting rooms using transformable partitions. NAYADA-Hufcor sliding structures allowed configuring the premises depending on the nature of the activities of the company, dividing the space into several independent rooms or creating a single large hall.

The biggest challenge, according to NAYADA experts, was the need to implement all the stages of the project without breaking the chain of work, as the renovations had to be completed without interfering in the ongoing work of the staff.

“We believe that we were able to completely change the appearance and presentation of ​​the office, while at the same time making it more efficient. In the process of doing the renovations, the customer asked us to add some additional private offices, additional workstations. Thanks to the rational planning, we were able to do this during the construction phase. The main challenge in this project was that the construction work had to be carried out in stages. Even with the large number of working staff always present, we still managed to finish the construction work quickly, without interfering in the employees’ daily work,” says project architect Anton Medovsky of LINE Architects.