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In the office, just like at home: NAYADA office project for a Russian IT-company

10 / 09 / 2014

The ranks of bright and creative offices of IT-companies were supplemented by yet another Moscow office. In designing this dynamic, cheerful and cozy office interior, the architect Aglaya Van Van E used many ideas developed by NAYADA. The IT-orientation of the company is reflected in the “pixel” decorative elements found throughout the interior, whether on the carpets or on the walls.

Visitors are greeted in a glossy pure white reception desk, made at the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory. Bright veneer panels with bright accents contrast with the radial NAYADA-Twin glass partitions. In the manufacture of these structures, we used angle grinding, followed by gluing. The partitions are decorated with a “pixel” pattern that repeats the common design concept. Glass partitions with a higher degree of sound isolation form the “basis” for this office, going from the reception area to the private offices. NAYADA doors were made in the tone of the snow-white reception desk, and complement the entire composition, beautifully contrasting with the black profiles of the partitions.

The main objective of the project was to create a flexible and mobile working environment for employees. Thus, in the office, one can freely move the tables, almost all the wall surfaces can be used for writing, and laminated panels are installed on the glass partitions, enabling workers to discuss projects and exchange information inside the office. Decorative panels are made by NAYADA using felt and cork materials.

Particular attention is given to relaxing and socializing. Across the entire office zone, there are plenty of cozy tables, racks and easy chairs. There is a separate kitchen and an open coffee-station in the hallway, where anyone can get a hot drink. All cabinets, shelves and tables were made at the LEPOTA Factory.

Along the corridor bordering the work area, a series of NAYADA-Crystal partitions with arbitrary angles have been installed. These constructions create small spaces for holding discussions.

NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions are used to separate a small conference room from the general office hallway. For large events, this partition is removed.

“We were very satisfied with the result – the project was unusual and bright. It is especially nice that the employees can uses markers on the walls, glass partition panels, and in some places can even write on the glass,” said project architect Aglaia Van Van-E.