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NAYADA and architectural firm UNK project held a press tour of Moscow offices

15 / 10 / 2014

The NAYADA Company, together with the architectural firm of UNK project held a press tour of Moscow offices for members of the media. Reporters visited offices of The Walt Disney Company CIS, Microsoft Technology Center, and Alcohol Siberian Group, and learned how the projects for these offices were developed. This event was attended by correspondents from the TV channel Moskva-24, IA Itar-Tass, MIA Russia Today, the magazine Time Out, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Arendator.ru, Architectural Digest, Artcom Media Group, the magazine Project Russia, CRE, 360.ru, and others.

Each of these offices has unique architectural and design solutions, and needed special approach and attention. For this reason, the journalists took a few hours to become acquainted with the workspaces of quite dissimilar companies – to feel the atmosphere created by them, understand all the technical innovations that were used, and literally “try on” the interiors themselves. While interacting with representatives of the companies, journalists learned about the process of creating a project – from of the concept to final touches, as well as about the experience of living in a new environment.

Offices today – this is no longer the old system of corridors with separate rooms. The Open Space principle, which in the 1990s had been used in only half of all offices, has now been implemented in almost all offices. Today offices have become an important HR-tool for companies. They provide everything that an employee needs to feel comfortable outside the home and work as efficiently as possible. UNK project architect Nikolay Milovidov held a “tour” for journalists in the offices of major companies and spoke about how office fashion is born. “Office fashion is born not only in design agencies. All the emerging trends are due to very specific needs of the customer and are focused on development of his business,” says Nikolay Milovidov. “The employers are now trying to diversify their workspaces and make them into ‘homes’ away from home, because today, the office is a space to live in, rather than just a place to work.”

A modern comfortable office is hard to imagine without partitions. Today this is one of the defining landmarks of offices spaces. These structures divide large open-space premises into separate functional areas – working areas, private offices, and meeting rooms. Openness and transparency are being sought more and more often today, and so new offices are organized using hundreds of square meters of glass partitions of different types and layouts. Offices are becoming self-sufficient territories, where a person can comfortably stay for a long time. In placing an emphasis on socialization within the team, companies are trying to increase the efficiency and success of a business.

“In holding this press tour, we tried to make it as open and clear for journalists as possible,” says Sergey Dudkin, general director of NAYADA-Moscow. “In addition, the offices for this press tour were selected not by chance – each of these projects is unique and interesting in its own way, and we really have something to show. For NAYADA, each project – is an individual work. Sometimes architects challenge us with complex tasks for which we need to invent something new, and this serves as a source for continuous development for us.”

"These workspaces that were shown to the journalists represent the latest trends and architectural techniques, specific to various offices of companies operating in different business sectors – manufacturers, international media holdings and hi-tech-corporations,” says Nikolay Milovidov, architect and managing partner of the architectural bureau UNK project. “For each situation we developed individual design and planning solutions. In addition, this selection of offices has made it possible to evaluate the varying levels of habitable environments: office before the workers moved into it (ASG), office already operating for several months (Walt Disney), and an office already in existence for over one year (Microsoft).”