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NAYADA furniture collection in the executive offices of ProfHolod

10 / 11 / 2014

NAYADA completed work on furnishing the offices of the manufacturing enterprise ProfHolod. The uniqueness of this project came in the form of the private offices of this company’s executives – they were decorated with furniture collections form the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project.

The private offices of the general director and deputy general director were designed using quite a minimalist style, and thus the focus was placed on furniture, while harmony with the overall interior design was maintained. Their own “characters”, the company’s executives found reflected in the “0-24” collections of architect Yevgeny Polyantsev and the latest innovations from the Italian architect Luca Scacchetti, the PIGRECO collection, which succinctly combines minimalism and aesthetics. In addition to the “0-24” collection provided for the personal offices, the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory created a wardrobe, whose shape matches that of the other furniture.

“When we were choosing furniture for our offices, the experts at NAYADA showed us the “12 Architects Create Furniture” collection, among which was the ‘0-24’ office collection of Yevgeny Polyantsev,” says the general director of ProfHolod. “This immediately struck my fancy. I did not know why I felt so, but I knew that my office should be created exactly in this style. It suits my nature: modern, progressive, and most importantly – non-standard. Its irregular shapes, brevity and restraint caught my attention instantly. Of course, I am satisfied with the result. Every day I come to work, into an office that I really like – this to some extent motivates and inspires me even more. I gladly hold meetings with business partners in my office and often hear them pronouncing compliments about my office. This is a really pleasant feeling.”

“Simplicity, rigor and functionality – these are the three things that I value in the workplace. And now, my workplace is the embodiment of these words. Nothing unnecessary, just simple, elegant lines,” says the deputy general director of ProfHolod, who decided on the PIGRECO furniture collection by Luca Scacchetti.

Other work areas are also furnished using NAYADA solutions. The conference room can be transformed into two separate meeting rooms, thanks to the HAYADA-Hufcor sliding glass partition with a built-in door. Employees have been supplied with NAYADA-Optima+ mobile partitions. These mobile partitions are finished using JOY fabrics. In addition to their tactile properties, these fabrics offer a number of other benefits that are very important when it comes to designing upholstered furniture – long life, high abrasion resistance, stain resistance and color retention.