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NAYADA and the colorful interior of the Reutov Park SEC

17 / 11 / 2014

Solutions developed by the NAYADA Company were used in creating the interiors of the Reutov Park Shopping and Entertainment Center in the city of Reutov. The new SEC was designed by DeViz Studios. The architects came up with some non-standard solutions to achieve spacious zones for the retail gallery, food court and entertainment areas. A distinctive feature of this project is the concept of balance and maximum attention to the convenience of visitors. The basis of the style used in the interiors – is the image of a kaleidoscope, bright and harmonious.


The values, being reflected in the design of the facade, interior and the graphic elements, are based on the idea of bringing bright colors into everyday life. The concept reflects the lifestyle of the modern family: variegated, dynamic, and weaving entertainment into everyday life. The interiors of the shopping center were developed taking into account the flow of customers. Iconographics and navigation, along with the interior design, help visitors navigate, while creating a memorable, lively, attractive and recognizable image.


Particularly standing out in the bright interior is the colorful NAYADA-Parapetto glass fencing in the atrium zone. Design solutions using the entire color spectrum were implemented with the help of architectural films.


Traditional solutions for shopping centers were used in the design of the pavilion – reliable and safe NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partition and door systems. The installed structures have a surface area of approximately 2,500 sq. m. The lower and upper sections of the partitions are lined with stainless steel, which forms a kind of a frame for the facades of all pavilions. Using NAYADA-Crystal allowed for creating an open bright space and advantageously presenting the overall design of the pavilions and retail products, helping attract customers.


NAYADA specialists were given the task of creating fencing for the travelator and escalator tracks. The fencing of these functional zones was achieved using NAYADA-Parapetto systems. The columns, handrails and baseboards were made ​​of stainless steel. Hidden fixating structures were installed under the baseboards.

Based on the concept of the architectural design, NAYADA engineers developed a series of technical solutions that were not dependent on the degree of construction readiness and related works, which greatly influenced the efficiency of the erection work.


Architects at DeViz Sudios offered the customer four options for style solutions. In accordance with the wishes of the client, within the given strict parameters, the logo for the SEC was designed, and the corporate identity, navigation and iconographics were created – in order to make Reutov Park a striking and recognizable place, associated with family holidays and celebrations.

In the end, the bright and colorful Reutov Park became the main shopping and entertainment center in the area, providing all residents with wonderful opportunities to spend weekends with their families, attend theater, shop for a variety of products, meet friends in cafes, etc.