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Overview of new Moscow projects by NAYADA

08 / 12 / 2014

It is time to take stock, and present our regular review of Moscow projects by NAYADA. The company continues working dynamically, every month realizing about 200 projects in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast. Here, in this review, we present some of them.

NAYADA completed work for the Marriott Hotel in Moscow. NAYADA-Twin partitions and Standart doors were used to separate public spaces of the hotel – bars, administrative offices and retail pavilions. In the elevator lobbies on all floors of the building, we installed NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-90 glazed partitions, with the highest degree of fire resistance. These designs are not only aesthetic in appearance, but can also block the penetration of fire for 90 minutes.

A technically complex, and at the same time interesting project, was implemented by NAYADA for a well-known manufacturer of soft drinks, whose factory is located in the Moscow Oblast. NAYADA-Standart partitions were installed on a special viewing platform at the plant. NAYADA specialists had to work in a space that is 6 meters high. Above and below the partitions they installed composite materials. The center of the construction contains glass with blinds. Complicating the job were radial corners of the partitions. In the end, we succeeded in creating a complex structure, which is now used for managing and monitoring the production process.

Rosbank turned to NAYADA to complete all the work on their new office, wishing the floor that houses the bank’s management team to be redone. As a result, NAYADA created corridors using light NAYADA-Regina veneered panels, matching the existing style of the premises and constructed of the same materials as were used before. In the private offices of managers and the meeting room, we installed NAYADA-Twin partitions with veneered doors. All doors are equipped with retractable thresholds for better sound insulation. Some of the doors are made using mixed media – different veneers from different sides of the door, and hidden door closers were installed. On the glass, we used a “frosty rime” film. For the offices of executives, NAYADA manufactured furniture based on existing models, as well as cabinets, panels under the windowsills and on walls. In the wardrobe, a 300-liter aquarium was built, for which a strong framework of steel pipes had to be created. It should be noted that this order was fulfilled very quickly, which was very important for the customer.

The interiors of another bank – the Bank Home Loan – were transformed with NAYADA solutions. In the office, we installed the NAYADA-Standart classical partitions system with shutters. All exists were fitted with NAYADA-Fireproof doors. An interesting solution was specially developed by NAYADA engineers – the “stables” door – a door consisting of two horizontal halves.

In the office of the IT-company NType, NAYADA installed a black reception counter with LED backlighting, according to the design made by the project architects. Two corner counters, opposite each other, form a square counter 2.5 x 3 meters. The reception counter was made by the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory.

Office of the Moscow Aero Club was finished using partitions and doors of the NAYADA-Standart classical system. At the entrance to the office, we installed NAYADA-Twin double-glazed partitions and a NAYADA-Magic door. This door has a high degree of sound insulation and operates quietly, thanks to the use of magnetic locks.

NAYADA solutions were used in the Andreevsky Residential Complex. NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions and NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions were installed in the complex. The gym walls were duplicated by NAYADA on spot fixtures, with photos printed on the glass and plexiglass.

NAYADA partitions and doors are so versatile that they can be found in all types of institutions. In the administrative part of the Trinity Monastery in Kolomna they installed the Standart classical partition system. At St. Andrew's Monastery, we installed the NAYADA all-glass doors in the corner box and the Magic Door. A glass niche was created in a wall with a printed photo showing an image of the monastery.

Invariably popular are NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions. Lexmark and Lufthansa have chosen transformable walls with white panels for the organization of meeting rooms in their offices. These constructions allow changing the layout of the workspace, by enabling the creation of a number of separate meeting rooms or one large conference room.

The Wolfram Company, engaged in the extraction and processing of rare earth metals, outfitted its Moscow office with NAYADA-Standart and NAYADA-Crystal partitions. These glass partitions allowed organizing space for executive offices and meeting rooms.

In the ballet studio of the N.I. Sats Moscow State Academic Children’s Musical Theater, there appeared an “air” staircase with glass steps from NAYADA. These stairs made from the “fragile” glass are just as strong as any conventional design – triplex was used to create them, while NAYADA-Parapetto fixtures ensure the safety of the theater’s artists.

Another cultural center – the A.N. Scriabin Memorial Museum – also installed the NAYADA-Parapetto fencing system. Part of the fence in the museum is made of stainless steel. A distinctive feature of the project was the forged fence from NAYADA. The staircase with elements of artistic forging was an ideal solution for the interior of the museum.

Every day NAYADA implements new projects. Experience of working with customers from the most diverse spheres of activity, allows us to create effective space solutions for everyone.