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NAYADA products for MTS-Ukraine

16 / 12 / 2014

The NAYADA Company has equipped the new Ukrainian office of one of the leading mobile operators MTS-Ukraine, located in Kiev. This customer turned to the representative office NAYADA in Ukraine with the task of creating several functional areas in its office, including the reception zone, meeting rooms and a relaxation room for the staff. The architects of the project were Slava Balbek and Andrey Berezinsky.

The white color predominates in the reception zone. Therefore, the architects “cleaned” this room from distractions and, accordingly, focused the attention of visitors on the dynamic display at the reception stand. The only exception to this concept of “pure space” was made in the construction of the ceiling, decorated with reliefs of names of Ukrainian cities, which also serves as a decorative element, and as the ventilation grill. Shiny materials and strings of LED lamps create the effect of a complex, multi-level space and visually increase the size of the room.

“We deliberately avoided the direct use of the company’s logo and its corporate (pure red) color in the interior decorations, and instead offered a free interpretation,” said Slava Balbek and Andrey Berezinsky. “In addition, we chose an extended palette of all shades of red for furniture and flooring and painted decorative partitions with a pattern that resembles the outline of the company’s logo.”

The meeting rooms zone is located on the top floor of the office building and has an exit to the terrace. There is a lot of “air” there – the room is surrounded on two sides by floor-to-ceiling windows, and the space is divided by NAYADA glass partitions, while the ceiling beams and utility ducts have been left uncovered.

In one of the meeting rooms, we installed partitions made using the “smart glass” technology from NAYADA. If it is necessary to create an environment with privacy, it is possible to turn the glass into a matted material, and if there is a desire to see everything that is happening on the outside of the office – the glass of the partition can be made transparent.

The office has NAYADA-Hufcor folding partitions installed, which eliminates the need to acquire additional space, allowing the use of the same space for a variety of purposes. For example, this convertible design will split or combine two different functional premises into one, insulate the space for meetings, receptions or banquets.

Two NAYADA-Hufcor acoustic sliding partitions are used to divide one large meeting room into two or three smaller areas.