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NAYADA created the retail premises in the Vodniy Shopping Center

18 / 02 / 2015

The ‘vertical’ of the new Vodniy (Water) Retail and Office Center, with a total area of ​​166,300 sq. m., will become a new landmark in the area of the Vodniy Stadion Subway Station. The authors of the project were architects of the Atrium Bureau. For its part, the NAYADA Company fulfilled the order to create the retail premises (50,500 sq. m.) in this modern center.

The compositional solutions demonstrate the diversity of spaces in the building. The vertical part was designed for offices, and represents an urban sculpture, composed from several separate structures. The horizontal part of the complex houses the retail and entertainment areas.

The interiors of the retail section continue the architectural concept of the building itself, designed by the architectural bureau. The facade glazing of the office tower with its lamellae passes through the roof of the horizontal block and continues on the inside. Moreover, the retail space is complemented by another formal motif – curved surfaces form a flowing space, which stimulates customers to move between the various stores.

A bridge from the top floor, with a food court, provides the functional link between the shopping area and office section. The linking section is accented by the arch of the entrance to the bright red-colored elevators, the same as the outer entrance to the tower part of the complex. It stretches from the bottom to the third most spectacular floor space with skylights, through which can be seen the tower rising into the sky.

The NAYADA Company performed the glazing work on the retail showcases using the NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions system – the best solution for modeling spaces in retail premises. Among the tenants are chain stores like H&M, Reebook, Euroset, O’stin, Fun Day, Glance, Deseo, and many others. The total area of the partitions used in the center exceeds 1,200 sq. m.

The fencing of the galleries that come out into the atrium was created using the NAYADA-Parapetto system. Over 550 meters of fencing was installed.

The architectural concept called for the fencing to look “airy”. Therefore, all fencing is made of tempered laminated triplex glass and the mounting section is hidden behind the facing of the end part of overlaps. Furthermore, handrails are replaced by decorative lightweight stainless steel profiles. It is worth noting that all of curvatures were supplied with fencing made of curved glass.

“Since we also worked on the design of the building of the Vodniy Retail and Business Center – this interior became a natural extension. And for us, this is perhaps the most comfortable situation. Even at the stage of development of the general formal solution, we wanted to create the effect of a vertical penetration of office section through the horizontal part of the retail block, and correspondingly, the place of their connection is covered with skylights, which largely determine the character of the interior. In this multi-lighted atrium, beautiful viewing points are formed, and on sunny days, the shadows of the bindings further emphasize the plasticity of the curved interior walls of the retail zone. Their sculptural style sets the whole character of the space – soft, pleasant to drift in, and in some way associated with the very name of the shopping center - Water,”says architect Anna Alenicheva (Atrium Bureau).