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The bright colors of spring: beautiful colors from NAYADA

03 / 03 / 2015

With the onset of spring, there always comes a desire to change into bright colors. This concerns the whole environment, especially office interiors, which one wishes to “revive” with juicy details. In this review, we propose for your consideration various “Beautiful Colors” solutions by NAYADA, which can transform and decorate any premises.

The FOREST rack-shelf, made of natural materials, will become an original and functional interior decoration in your office. The tree trunk – is a bookshelf made from natural pine. The bright colors of the enameled background shield emphasize the elegant wood grain patterns. The “branches” of the shelf can be used to store directories, disks and other favorite stuff.

The Hedronics metal chair, in the shape of a polyhedron – is another interesting addition to the interior. Like origami, the Hedronics chair is made from a single sheet of metal, and embodies the mathematical harmony of strict geometric forms.

The negotiating table Cell-za-table has an original form, made in the shape of a hexagon, where each side is designed for just one seat. If necessary, several tables can be combined – and the conveniently shaped countertops create a large working surface.

Strict straight lines of the Lunch Outdoors table, with its grass, emphasize the natural beauty and value of “green” countertops. This piece of furniture enhances people’s mood and brings freshness to the interior. The legs of the table have an irregular geometrical shape, resembling rock ledges that organically combine with the green top.