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NAYADA equips the Red Whale SEC, phase II

24 / 06 / 2015

The Red Whale Shopping and Entertainment Complex, located in Mytishchi, was implemented in two phases. The total area of the two phases of this retail and entertainment complex is over 140,000 sqm. The SEC has already become a major visual landmark of the city, and an attraction point for its inhabitants. The NAYADA Company was involved in the creation of commercial and entertainment areas in Red Whale (Krasny Kit) SEC, phase II.

International consultants were involved in the implementation of the second phase of the Red Whale SEC. The British Dyer Architectural Bureau developed the architectural concept for the interiors and facades.

In the Red Whale SEC, the large-format stores are optimally combined with the retail galley, consisting of 300 stores by international and Russian brands. The display windows in the stores use NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions and doors. NAYADA partitions are used in display windows of stores like H&M, INDITEX Group (Bershka, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius), UNIQLO, Reserved, Cropp Town, Lady&Gentleman, Adidas Group, Terranova, Snow Queen, Kiabi, Takko Fashion, Carousel Hypermarket, Detsky Mir, Letual, and many others.

“We closely monitored all aspects of retail space creation, from ordering of the display window glass, full-height from floor to ceiling, all the way to the exact fulfillment of all curvature radii of glass balustrades. The task given for the display windows was to hide all the profiles of partitions, thus creating the effect of a large clean glass surface without rough framing. We believe that we were successful in creating a look as both the customer and we desired. I would like to note that almost all the tenants have their advertising located behind the glass on their premises and not on the hallways of the retail gallery,” said Marina Shpilko, project architect.

The atriums use NAYADA-Parapetto fencing products. Invisible glass mounting fixtures provide an overall “lightness” to all structures. Stainless steel handrails are offset from the glass fencing using special connectors. On the curved sections of the atriums, the curved glass repeats the radii of the other structures

NAYADA also carried out the work involving the glazing of the shopping center’s escalator fencing.

The shopping center has a year-round skating rink. To create this zone, NAYADA specialists manufactured and installed tempered safety glass in three colors – gray, black, and burgundy. The height of the glass is 5.5 meters! In the area where skates are issued, the glass is inclined, repeating the angle of the ceiling frieze.

Project architect Philip Ball, from the Dyer Architectural Bureau, had this to say: “The second phase of this project is an organic continuation of the existing retail and entertainment complex. In the facade and interior of the second phase, we will use bricks, wood, and lots of glass, allowing natural light to brighten the internal spaces. These materials will also be used in the interiors of the complex. This is our fifth retail project in Russia, and we are confident that we can once again surprise market participants with our exceptional architectural layout and design of premises.”