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NAYADA equips the Philip Morris Sales Office in Rostov-on-Don

17 / 06 / 2015

ООО The Philip Morris Sales and Marketing LLC is one of many affiliated companies of Philip Morris International (PMI), the leading international manufacturer of tobacco products, with headquarters in Moscow and an extensive network of regional offices across the entire country. The office in Rostov-on-Don is one of the largest in Russia. The move into a building in the city’s largest business center was associated with the upgrading of the company’s Russian network of offices. This is the second time that Phillip Morris has cooperated with NAYADA.

The new workspace, custom-made according to the wishes of the client, was also required to consolidate the staff and help employees work in an efficient teamwork environment. The main design-motif of the new office interior was the Formula 1 racing theme – acting as a bright and vivid example of teamwork. The entire interior is finished in a free, game style – with neutral colors in the work areas and bright accents in the informal communications zone.

Architects from OFFCON offered layout solutions that optimize floor space, and at the same time provide the best possible comfort and convenience for all employees. In this project, great attention was paid to the principle of “transparency” of spaces. Moreover, one of the customer’s requirements was including some glass elements in all private offices. To achieve the objectives, NAYADA proposed using NAYADA-Crystal stationary glass partitions. The glass surfaces were covered by drawings reflecting the design concept of the architects. NAYADA doors, laminated in wood tones, were used to provide contrast to the glass partitions.

NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions were installed in the conference room. A solid partition was used to ensure a high degree of sound insulation.

“Work on the project was incredibly difficult – the main architecture and systems-engineering design stage coincided with the implementation of the project at the facility, and all the works had to be carried out in less than two months. Many design solutions had to be adapted while working on location. In many ways, it was possible to realize this task thanks to the full involvement of the customer in the process, and extremely rapid responses on his part, as well as incredibly well-coordinated work of all those who were directly involved in the project. We had to work in a building with very difficult and non-trivial shapes. A separate task was the design and creation of informal areas on the mezzanine floor,” noted Yevgeny Kovpak, leading architect at OFFCON.