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NAYADA Architect: All-Russia competition in the green architecture and green construction sphere – the Eko_Tektonika

26 / 06 / 2015

NAYADA invites architects to take part in the first national awards in the green architecture and green construction sphere – Eko_Tektonika. Applications are being accepted until August 15.

The purpose of the awards: to identify the most advanced ideas, projects and professionals in the green architecture and construction sphere in Russia, as well as to create an effective tool to assist architects and designers in the development of best practices and to use innovative technologies in the implementation of projects.

Subjects of the competition: projects at the stage of design and construction, as well as completed projects, developed in accordance with the approved nomination categories and that use the principles of ecological construction solutions and technologies.

Nomination categories:

1. Housing - Residential building project – single-family or multi-family, one-story or multi-story. Especially welcome are micro-building projects. The projected building is located on a site without preset parameters.

2.Commercial and public buildings - Office building, business or community center, shopping or multifunctional complex, school, kindergarten, sports facility, hospital, museum, and other similar projects with any number of floors. The projected building is located on a site without preset parameters. 3. Open public spaces and common areas (landscaping, small forms, toilets) - Improvement projects for urban public areas such as parks, squares, waterfronts, etc. This nomination also includes playgrounds and street objets d'art. 4. Interior - Interior design of a building project of any functional designation. 5. Ecotourism route - Ecotourism route project. 6. Student green project - This nomination is for students from architectural and engineering universities (type of projects – in line with the overall composition of nominations).

7.Special nomination for award to be presented by PANELLI BIPV Solutions «For the best use of BIPV-technologies in architectural solutions».

More information about the competition and the submission of applications can be found here

The awards will be handed out on September 5 in the Ecopark of YASNO POLE – a place to relax, work, develop, and simply live on earth in unity with Nature, a new integrated development project created in accordance with the best principles of sustainable development. On the territory of YASNO POLE, they plan to develop areas related to living on our planet: Active recreation, healthy diets, creativity, as well as research and implementation of the most advanced green architecture and construction technologies.