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NAYADA partitions, doors, and furniture in a game developer’s office

15 / 07 / 2015

NAYADA has equipped the Moscow office of a well-known American developer of computer games. The company’s products combine a strategic approach with dynamic gameplay – and these features, we were able to reflect also in the new office interior. The architects from the INSIDE Architectural Bureau have created an office that offers the most comfort for active cooperation among the employees – a bright open space, convenient zoning in the meeting room areas, and efficient arrangement of workstations. And most importantly – the whole atmosphere of the new office stimulates creative thinking and is representative of the brand. Most interior solutions have been implemented by NAYADA based on the design developed by the architects.

The main concept called for the creation of an office interior that was an open, easygoing, and permeable space, flooded with light from the windows along the perimeter of the entire floor. The basic interior color is white, but the corporate colors – black and red – are present everywhere. An interesting solution became the white interactive reception desk with a built-in screen, custom made at the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory. The glass facade of the bar, located in the recreation area, is decorated with anime drawings of characters used in the computer games of the developer.

Thanks to NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions and doors, we were able to separate the various functional areas, while maintaining the feeling of a large and spacious office. Partitions with blind inserts allowed us to ergonomically organize the workspace, while maintaining a stylish and aesthetic design of the premises. The translucent glass structures are also covered by images of the main characters featured in the computer games produced by the company.

“Meeting rooms and closed areas are separated by glass partitions that fill the office with natural light, increase the feeling of greater spaciousness and provide energy savings, as well as create a special atmosphere for the employees. People see each other and are open to interaction”, say the architects of the project.

For this project, NAYADA created customized furniture within a very short timeframe – stands, meeting room tables, wardrobes, drawer cabinets, and workstations. The snow-white bench systems with unusual moir-color legs are equipped with sound absorbing dividing screens, gutters for wiring and comfortable drawer cabinets for storage.

NAYADA-Hufcor convertible partitions in meeting rooms give the appearance of a real wall, but they can be moved without disassembly and without physical effort. The partitions allow the premises to be quickly divided into functional zones, or combined to form a large conference hall, which increases the efficient utilization of the area.