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NAYADA-20 Years-Awards: NAYADA awarded its employees for the best-realized projects

21 / 08 / 2015

NAYADA has realized thousands of projects across Russia, the CIS countries, and Europe. NAYADA deals with the most incredible challenges, sophisticated technologies, and huge volumes. We really do have something to be proud of! In honor of the 20th Anniversary of NAYADA, the company has identified the best-realized projects and rewarded those employees who worked on the implementation of these projects – general managers, project managers, engineers, team leaders, technicians, and others.

Employees of all departments and enterprises of NAYADA were invited to participate in these awards. Projects completed in Moscow, as well as regional and international projects, were rated in various nomination categories.

The “Pride of the Country” Nomination for the most interesting and memorable objects of national importance – state institutions, large sports facilities, social centers, historical museums, etc. Criteria – national and social significance, large-scale, complex projects. To be fair, projects were divided by country.

1) Russia: Skolkovo Business School.
When the ambitious SKOLKOVO project first started, there was no one in Russia with experience of creating a business school. Thanks to the use of NAYADA partitions, doors, and railings, we were able to implement the latest modern interior design solutions.

2) Russia, Krasnodar office: Sochi Airport..
NAYADA solutions were used in the design of the aircraft terminal, the business aviation terminal, and in the entrances of the main terminal building. The chief difficulties in this project were timing, logistics, and security requirements.

3) Kazakhstan: ski jumps..
NAYADA’s Kazakhstan office was successful in realizing a project developed by a well-known Austrian architect – the biggest ski jump in Central Asia – just before the start of one of the most important sporting events in Kazakhstan – the 7th Asian Winter Games 2011

4) Ukraine: Olympic National Sports Complex..
About 900 sanitary cabins made from compact vandal-resistant plastic, countertops for sinks made from compact plastic with a total length of about one kilometer! NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions, NAYADA-Fireproof constructions, and NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions. Project implementation period was 8 months.


In the “Feat of Labor” Category: the most unrealistic projects, the impossible tasks assigned when working on a project (evaluation by completion times, quality, tasks, and number of involved divisions) – the winner was the Military Airfield, a building used to greet arriving heads of state..

In just three weeks, 1700 square meters of walls were glazed. In just ten days, manufactured and installed were 400 square meters of veneer partitions for conference rooms. In an extremely short period of time, installed were all-glass doors, veneered panels and doors, the total volume of which amounted to more than 3000 square meters.

In the “Team of the Year” Categorythe clear winner was the Garazh Museum of Modern Art project, whose team demonstrated an example of true partnership among various divisions during work on a project. The Garazh project became one of the most difficult, with regard to the number of products used and the total volume of work, as well as with regard to the extremely short period of time required for completion. NAYADA completed all the finishing works – floors, walls, some ceiling sections, a variety of wall panels, including mirrors, reception area, walls, railing, and furniture.

There is much beauty at NAYADA, and so in the “Beauty of the Year” Category, a total of five projects were declared as winners:

1) Pernod Ricard Rouss, Architects from UNK Project.. Winner of the Grand Prix at the Best Office Awards 2015. The style of this office, the architects conditionally called the “French Apartment”. It harmoniously combines trendy bright accents with a comfortable, deliberately “outdated” atmosphere – generating a complete feeling of dignity and absolute confidence.

2) Baring Vostok Capital Cartners, Pavel Polikarpov Architectural Studios. This project was the winner of the Grand Prix at the Best Office Awards 2014. The office interiors are decorated with NAYADA glass partitions and doors with enhanced sound insulation. For example, the NAYADA-Magic soundproof doors, providing 44 dB of sound isolation.

3) 3) Calzedonia Office, a project implemented in collaboration with the renowned Italian architect Nicolo Nigri. Italian style and high quality products by NAYADA were personified with rich natural materials. A unique style is usually reflected in the small things, so every design element was executed with the maximum attention to detail.

4) St. Petersburg, NAYADA-Neva, Sberbank First – Office for VIP-clients The first eco-friendly office in the banking sector.

5) NAYADA-Kazan Office, Hilton Garden Inn in the city of Ufa.. This hotel was built for one of the most anticipated events of the year – the BRICS/SCO Summit 2015. This project also won the Audience Award, based on the results of open voting in Facebook.

In the “Technological Power” Category, we considered projects that were implemented using the most sophisticated technologies and exotic materials. The main criteria – unique production technologies and manufacturing complexity.

The winners were:

1) S.T.I. Dent:: this project became a platform for innovative ideas and the implementation of innovative solutions. The main materials used in realizing this project were carbon steel, veneer, and glass. These were used to decorate doors, walls, and ceilings. In addition, furniture and reception desks were also made of veneer.

2) Kazakhstan, Kazmortransflot:: staff of the NAYADA Kazakhstan Office managed to complete a very complex task – to make the metal structure that encompassed the entire elevators shaft, and mount facing glass on the elevators shaft on all 12 floors in the building’s atrium.