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NAYADA helped organize the first modernized public library – the Dobrolyubov Library in Krasnoyarsk

13 / 11 / 2015

The Year of Literature opened a new page in the history of the N.A. Dobrolyubov Library in Krasnoyarsk. After a major reconstruction, everything has changed here – from the equipment to the facade. However, despite this radical reconstruction, the library’s main and original function has not changed – being the repository of historical heritage, and a unique book collection of the city.

This project was developed by the ArtStyle Design Agency headed by Igor Bashkatov. A distinctive feature of the cultural center was the large amount of NAYADA glass constructions that were used. Thanks to these, the amount of natural lighting, airiness, and spaciousness were increased in the premises of the library.

In this renovated facility, they established a user information-support department, an e-room with free access to the Internet, business literature zone, meetings and conferences hall, coffee-point area, and a children’s room. Now the library has become not just a place to work with printed materials, but also a platform for the presentation and development of own projects, intellectual communication and creative self-realization.

Several NAYADA glass partition and door systems were used in this project. The entrance area was furnished with products from the classical NAYADA-Standart partition and door system. Double-glazing was used to achieve additional sound and heat insulation.

The entire space in the library is zoned using NAYADA-Crystal partitions and doors with frosted stripes. Partitions are made of tempered safety glass using clamping profiles, finished using anodized aluminum. To install the doors in the all-glass partitions, special clamping boxes were used, allowing the creation of vestibules made of all-glass door leafs, which is important for extra soundproofing in the library’s various rooms. To achieve the same purpose, we installed transparent profiles between the glass panes in the partitions.

Edkham Akbulatov, Mayor of Krasnoyarsk said: "All the assigned tasks were implemented, and therefore I am grateful to everyone who worked on this project. As a result, a library, which was created in the middle of the last century, has been totally transformed, becoming a completely new object. The format of the newly re-created library allows each resident of Krasnoyarsk to take a fresh look at librarianship. This library is comfortable and fun for children and youth, as well as adults. With all that, the main function for it – remains the books. It is very important that the space of the library is open, accessible, and anyone can come and use its services. I hope that our residents will appreciate this true transformation, and become the initiators of various creative activities here”.

According to the experts, such libraries are very few in the Russia of today. However soon, with the combined efforts of talented architects and assembly experts, all the remaining libraries will be converted, shedding their image as dull and dusty places.