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NAYADA solutions used in Europe’s largest shopping and exhibition center – the Aviapark

30 / 11 / 2015

The NAYADA Company participated in the creation of Europe’s largest shopping and entertainment center – the Aviapark. Due to its scale, location, and concept, the Aviapark is a unique facility in the Russian market. With a total area of 390,000 sqm, of which 230,000 sqm are retail premises, this is the largest SEC in Europe. The developer of the project was AMMA Development, and architects were Callison (USA) and ABD Architects. For this ambitious project, NAYADA created and implemented a number of technically sophisticated interior solutions.

The Mall has a standard rectangular box-shape, six stories in height. Its facade is divided into rectangular sectors using different color schemes.

At the same time stylish and functional, the architectural solutions of the Aviapark provide an abundance of space, air, and light. The landscaping in the complex recreates the concept of a modern urban center – via an extensive network of streets, the visitors move from one part of the SEC to another. This shopping center has over 500 stores, among these being OBI, Hoff, Media Markt, Debenhams, M.Video, and a cinema. In the central atrium, there is a 4-stories tall tropical fish aquarium.

NAYADA specialists successfully completed the technically complicated work required for facing the glass elevators that take people to all floors. This work was complicated by its sheer volume and heights – ten elevator zones, each of which is 27 meters high, were lined with durable large-format tempered glass, laminated with matt white film.

The elevator shafts are fenced off by NAYADA-Crystal partitions made of tempered clear laminated glass, making the work of all mechanisms visible to visitors.

On the fourth floor of the entire complex, NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions were used to create all storefronts as well as the food court area.

In the offices zone of the complex, NAYADA installed glass partitions – NAYADA-Twin double-glazed and doors in glossy white.