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The new NAYADA Intero-400 partitions system in the office of Medi

09 / 12 / 2015

Intero-400 partitions system, a new development by the NAYADA Company, was installed in the office of Medi, world leader in the development and manufacture of orthopedic products.

The office interiors were decorated in soothing light tones, which included a noticeable accent – a bright reception desk. The main work area with private offices was separated by glass partitions. For the zoning of the premises, the customer chose a new development of the NAYADA Company – the modern Intero-400 partitions system with structural glazing and sandblasted patterns.

The Intero-400 system has been specially designed to organize working spaces in offices. It offers many features and allows the creation of harmonious solutions for workspaces of any design. One of the main advantages of the system is improved sound insulation – up to 37 dB, ease of installation, and maximum price optimization for the client.

The Intero-400 can be used with all NAYADA door systems. For the Medi Company, it was also important to highlight their logo on the doors, so Intero doors with sandblasted patterns were installed in the openings of partitions. In addition, the Intero doors were installed using telescopic boxes.

Among the features of the Intero-400 system are the hinged sections with structural glazing. This solution gives the impression of solidity to partitions, while at the same time, the feeling of a lightweight construction, because of the transparency and the absence of any visible metallic frame members. The customer was very satisfied with the final solution provided by the Intero-400 system, noting the simplicity of its installation.

The service areas are separated by Slim fabric-covered doors with narrow trim profiles. NAYADA-Fireproof glass doors with sandblasted patterns were also used in this project. The EIW-60 doors provide a total of one-hour resistance to any fire.