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The ergonomics of space: NAYADA presents the LAVORO 3.0

The NAYADA Company presents an operative office furniture system – the LAVORO. The LAVORO is modern system of operative office furniture, reflecting current design trends in office space. The LAVORO-Designer includes a number of elements with which it is possible to create any configuration of workstations. The collection is designed and produced at the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory. The products contain only environmentally friendly materials and high quality components.



14A.jpgThe LAVORO is an effective solution for arranging different functional zones of an office – the private office of the chief executive, workstations of employees, meeting areas, and premises for teamwork. The new concept of workplace formation provides an opportunity to increase the efficiency of employees and business processes.


A wide selection of different types of supports makes it possible to create individualized and unique offices. A wide range of colors allows the creation of bright and modern working offices.

Configurations of Bench tables and desks on common supports of various types, supporting pedestals and individual storage systems allow the creation of workstations, taking into account savings on supports. Supporting and mobile pedestals for seating provide an opportunity to optimize space and not require additional chairs for visitors.

The design of workstations allows for quick adaptation to changing needs of an office. The assembly of workstations is carried out using standard tools, thanks to the light and convenient construction of the metal frames. Supports and desktops have “metal-to-metal” fixtures, which allow unlimited assembly and disassembly of desks.


The system includes versatile office cabinets includes cabinets with open shelves, cabinets with hinged doors made ​​of chipboard and glass, and wardrobes with sliding doors. Cabinets can be used for the storage of documents, and for the division of office space. The housings of cabinets and pedestals, doors and facades of drawers are made of 16-mm thick chipboard. Mobile cabinets are equipped with a central lock with two keys. For the efficient placement of the necessary folders near the desk, a cabinet can be installed with a pull-out section.



This universal solution allows the creation of tables for the furnishing of meeting rooms, halls for meetings and conferences, classes for training and seminars, as well as creating premises for teamwork and leisure.




This collection offers various options for finishing of the screen-panels – chipboard, fabric, and acrylic. Five finishes for chipboard, six choices of fabric decorations, and five color options for screen-panels made of acrylic. The screen-panels system ensures the confidentiality of workstations and reduces the noise of the surrounding space. Fabric screen-panels with a thickness of 25 mm have high acoustic qualities. The screen-panels in different color finishes can be used as interior decoration elements.




The desks are equipped with two plastic plugs or cut-outs for the passage of wiring. Additionally, the workstations can be equipped with horizontal cable channels to accommodate electrical power supply lines and vertical cable channels for the passage of wiring. Hinged tops provide easy access to the wiring when needed.