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Classics, modernity, and technology: the TOUCH collection by Marco Piva for NAYADA’s “12 Architects Create Furniture”

The NAYADA Company is pleased to present a new addition to the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project. The TOUCH collection for executives is being implemented by the NAYADA Company in collaboration with the renowned Italian architect Marco Piva.


The TOUCH collection is the result of a provocative combination of shape and content, based on an underlying architectural composition. Classics, modernity, and technology – these are the three key words that characterize this collection.


The selected materials, in their essence, are very modern – lacquered wood, leather, metal with textured surfaces. These are all suitable for a classical-design office, but the architect was able to apply them in new interesting ways, capitalizing on their technological potential.


The TOUCH collection consists of closed volumes, with drawers for storage located inside, simple tables and modular elements, which both create an open space, and give the private office quite a strict appearance.


Furthermore, the TOUCH has several new technological features built into its modular elements, intended to create an active relationship between the furniture elements and the surrounding space. For example, the base contains a digital control sensor system, programmed in such a way that the desk, via a wireless connection, is connected to the lighting, sound system and the ambient environment, giving full control over the workspace.

The collection consists of tables, bookcases, work areas, consoles, and panels.


“During the work on designing these pieces of furniture for executives, I stuck to the principles I employ in designing architecture – functionality, but strict shapes, the synergies between structures and weights, materials and surfaces. The TOUCH