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Maximum minimalism of new forms – the PIGRECO Collection of Luca Scacchetti for NAYADA’s “12 Architects Create Furn

The NAYADA Company presents a new development in the “12 Architects Create Furniture”. The PIGRECO Offices for the Executive Collection was implemented by NAYADA in collaboration with the renowned Italian architect Luca Scacchetti.


π-PIGRECO designates the mathematical constant “Pi”, which expresses the maximum simplicity of shapes, the maximum minimalism of the collection. The constant “Pi” was the very basis that inspired this creation, which was then transformed into furniture. According to Luca Scacchetti, this collection turned into an interesting combination: Russian in spirit, but with much Italian content infused by him personally.

This office collection is modern and classic at the same time, or more precisely – detached from styles and trends, and thus – timeless.


PIGRECO includes 10 pieces of furniture. The collection has different writing desks, in terms of shapes and functions: writing desk with two kinds of bollards, desk with a conference extension, as well as a series of conference desks and a series of shelves and cabinets for storage.


The office set may be configured in various combinations of colored varnish and wood veneers. For example, at the Office Next Moscow Exhibition, the office set was demonstrated in a combination of iron gray glaze with shagreen texture and natural Macassar veneer.

The furniture for storage was designed to meet the requests of executives. The shelving units have compartments for the storage of working portfolios, folders, and other important documents – in open shelves and drawers.


The writing desks come in a number of options – there is even a possibility provided to install a monitor on the bottom surface of the desktop. Each of the desks has a cable-management system.

The office set is very elegantly laid out and all the details are well thought-out. The modern machinery at the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory made it possible to realize complex 3D chamfers at the ends of furniture items, which makes the office set even more sophisticated.

The writing desk with a side pedestal can be supplemented with a screen for the bottom surface of the desktop. The drawer cabinet has a secret compartment, in which the cable-management system is installed, as well as open and closed storage compartments – drawers and shelves.


The PIGRECO conference desks assortment consists of three forms: rectangular, round and square. Dimensions of the desktops may slightly vary. A round and square desk with a support located in the center of the desk. This solution makes it comfortable to sit on either side of the desk.

The rectangular conference desk can be used as a writing desk, or an executive’s desk. It also has the option of installing a bottom screen. The hanging storage system provides open shelves, with the possibility of changing shelf heights.

Luca Scacchetti on the PIGRECO Collection:
“The designs of the office collection for the NAYADA Company’s project have a dual purpose. They become part of a functional and constructive search, which has been carried out over many years. At the same time, they are part of a larger project, more general and collective, as part of the “voice in the chorus”, where each is different from the other, and with that, they improve their individual characteristics. The PIGRECO Collection is part of the prestigious “cenacolo” of advanced ideas, and thus is part of a special contribution to the non-standard, something becoming increasingly rare today in studies and experimentation, which with courage and enthusiasm are being carried out by NAYADA.”