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NAYADA presents the new Intero-400 partition system

A modern partition system must be not only be aesthetic and functional, but also have a high degree of sound insulation and structural strength. The new Intero-400 system, developed by NAYADA, embodies all these qualities. The partition can be made as high as 4.5 m with a thickness of only 85 mm. According to the degree of sound insulation, the new system is only slightly inferior to deaf designs – its sound insulation is 37dB.


The Intero-400 system has been developed to help organize working space in an office. It has many features that allow creating harmonious solutions for workspaces of any design.


One of the features of the Intero-400 is hinged sections with structural glazing. This solution gives the impression of solidity to the partitions, and at the same time, a feeling of lightness of the structure, thanks to the transparency and the absence of visible metallic frame elements.


Another advantage of Intero-400 is the fact that, on the basis of a single constructive solution, it offers options such as double frame glazing, cladding of panels with different finishes (laminate, veneer, leather, or cloth) and single-glazing options with no visible load-bearing elements. Great importance was given to small parts when designing the system – such as, for example, 90-degree angles in full glazing.


Intero-400 system allows using all door solutions made by the NAYADA Company, including the built-in invisible doorframes Stels, allowing the door to be visually hidden among the panels. Moreover, the doors can thus be made with a thickness of just 86 mm. “Invisible doors” provide that effect on both sides of the wall. In such cases, the panels may be laminated or coated with veneer or covered with colored glass.


The Intero-400 system provides for the possibility of integrating various elements of space and storage: shelves, cabinets, of chests of drawers. These elements may be entered into any of the partition sections. Storage modules can be built into the partitions, allowing access from both sides.


In the development of Intero-400 system, great importance was given to insulation, the ease of installation and maximum price optimization for the client. Thanks to several patented solutions, such as the possibility of making easy adjustment when installing panels and stained-glass windows, the system can solve all these tasks in the best way possible.