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A new addition to NAYADA’s 12 Architects Create Furniture – the PIGRECO Lightweight Concrete Collection

NAYADA has produced the PIGRECO office furniture by the Italian architect Luca Scacchetti in an innovative material – lightweight concrete. NAYADA first introduced this novelty during the furniture industry’s main exhibition – the I Saloni 2015 in Milan. As the author of the PIGRECO, Luca Scacchetti, himself admitted – this is the best desk that he has ever created.

For finishing, Makassar veneer and real industrial concrete are used in the office furniture. In order to reduce the weight of the office furniture, NAYADA specialists developed a type of light concrete, and installed a metal frame inside the desk. The concrete is coated with a special water-resistant varnish that protects this furniture collection from external elements.



The PIGRECO Collection includes 10 pieces of furniture. The collection contains an assortment of different desks and tables, in terms of shapes and functions, and two types of cabinets, a table with a conference attachment as well as a series of conference desks and a series of cupboards and cabinets for storage



The furniture used for storage was designed taking into account the requests of the executives. The cabinets have sections for the storage working portfolios, folders and other important documentation – open shelves and drawers. The desks come in a number of options – there exists a possibility to install a monitor on the bottom surface of the countertop. Each table has a system of hidden wires.