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New developments in offices for the executive by SPEECH, authors S. Choban and S. Kuznetsov

The SPEECH Office Furniture Collection for the offices of executives (NAYADA “12 Architects. Offices” project) combines continuous planes and smooth angles. The theme of the meander (classical ornaments made from right angles) passes across the table, while the motif of smooth bends – goes across all the elements of the collection.

At the exhibition Office Next Moscow, which was held in Moscow at the Gostiniy Dvor, the NAYADA Company presented a new version of the personal office by SPEECH, designed by Sergey Choban and Sergey Kuznetsov. Not only the decorations were updated, but also the range of personal offices, and there were changes made to the appearance of some elements of the desks.

Now alongside the SPEECH Office Collection, appeared a drawer cabinet on casters, hanging shelves and a lining for the desktop made of leather.


The appearance of the desk also underwent great changes. On the edge of the S-shaped bend appeared a graceful countertop chamfer, which has brought in a new dynamic, and has visually lightened the monumental lines.


The new version of the office is made in colored lacquer finishing. One of the most relevant color combinations – this is gray-beige lacquer, resembling the color of coffee and milky white.


In this new, elaborated version, a lot of attention was paid to the functional details of the desk. The office is enriched with ergonomic handles on drawer fronts. Their shape is conceived so that they are not evident, are very easy to operate, and at the same time, outline the bending handle – this is an integral part of the office design.


One of the new accessories for the office is the drawer cabinet on castors. Drawer fronts complement the flush handles and contour of the cabinet – beveled chamfer surface, the same as on the desktop. At the exhibition, a model was presented in which there are two types of storage compartments: drawers and shelves for the more bulky folders and items. Such units let you organize the storage of large quantities of office documents. By request of the customer, the dimensions of the sections can be changed.


Wall shelves – are new, dynamic elements of the collection. The design motif used is the uniform bevel end surface of the front edge of the plate, just like in the other elements of the collection. Shelves can be mounted at different heights. Shelf length is equal to the length of the floor drawer cabinets, so that the elements fit harmoniously into the interior.


In addition, in the collection a new functional accessory appeared – leather lining for the working surface. It makes working at the desk more comfortable, and prevents chipping and damage to the perfect texture, so it remains pleasing to its owner for many years to come.