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Radial Sections in NAYADA Partitions.

NAYADA Company started the production of accessories for assembling radial sections for NAYADA-Standart partition system on the aluminum profile.

The new element is intended for the curved glass installation. The radius of the curve is 800 mm, the angle is 90 degrees. The maximum height of the glass panel without junctures is 3500 mm.

The solidity of the installed glass is of great importance. NAYADA Company utilizes only tempered (safe) glass 6 mm thick. In case of destruction this kind of glass falls into small pieces without sharp edges.


This solution substantially enhances the design possibilities of the NAYADA stationery partitions used for organizing working areas in trading centers and offices.

It is notable that curved sections can be installed the way their junctures would match one another and the curves would face the opposite directions in order to create the effect of a wave.