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NAYADA-Standart systems roll in full-glass door is the optimum decision for the compact offices


NAYADA constantly works over improvement of the functional qualities of its production.

Roll-in full-glass door is a new element which is used for the equipment of classical office partitions NAYADA-Standart now. The uniqueness of the decision is that the installation of the roll-door does not require any portable elements, and the width of a partition remains invariable.

Effective roll-in mechanism developed by the experts of the company, makes habitual design of the office partitions more modern and slight. The wide assortment of accessories, handles and locks allows to pick up the universal decision for any office interior.

This is an ideal offer for compact offices which allows to increase free space of a premise visually. Roll in full-glass door is the next innovative decision developed by NAYADA for the expansion of the functional and design possibilities of the NAYADA-Standart system.