π-Pigreco is the result of a research to the maximum of simplicity, almost a mathematical forms, towards the reduction of the sign to a minimum, to the archetype of a table / desk. But all this, unlike every minimalist trend, trend, without losing character and formal identity, rather than charging of a very strong sign of recognition, thanks to a process of gradual elimination of most. What Pigrego wants is the minimum mark with maximum force and in this sense is desk, is contemporary office collection but also classic, or rather detached from style and trends, timeless.

The preciousness and the material richness of the wood and lacquer enhances the force of the sign, of the profile and shapes and especially of architectural concept that generates and sums it up.

“The design of our executive office collection has a double meaning. It has a sense as a part of a functional, formal and constructive research that we carry on in years, and it makes sense, in being part of a project more general and collective, in being a voice in the choir, where all projects benefit from others and enhance, in comparison with others, their characteristics. Being a part of 12 fits our collection Pigreco in a prestigious "cenacolo" of excellence and especially inserts it in the extraordinary work of research and experimentation, today more and more rare that with courage and enthusiasm NAYADA conducts”.