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NAYADA equips common interior areas of the Sheraton Sky Point Hotel

13 / 04 / 2015

NAYADA has created the public spaces inside the Sheraton Hotel, located at the Sky Point Business Park near Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Project architect Maria Sonne-Frederiksen developed a classic design in a modern Interpretation, which corresponds to the concept of the Sheraton brand. The interiors are decorated in warm colors, and finished with natural materials.

The retail areas and restaurant zone are zoned with NAYADA-Regina glass partitions with veneer finishing.

NAYADA-Parapetto glass fencing passes from the main staircase into the atrium. Handrails in the atrium are made of oak. On the stairs, special stainless steel hardware was used, and in the area of ​​the atrium, the glass fencing was fastened using carrier profiles.

In the restaurant, the kitchen area is separated from the public area with NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions, so diners can observe how their meals are prepared. To provide the necessary angle of incline, special connectors were created.

The hotel offers meeting rooms of various sizes, which are separated by three NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions. The constructions are finished using wooden paneling, and have a sound insulation level of 42 dB.