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The beauty of bold decisions: NAYADA presented a new collection of furniture from the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project

02 / 06 / 2014

The presentation of a new collection of furniture in NAYADA Company’s Russian project – “12 Architects Create Furniture” was held in Moscow. The event took place during the Office Next Moscow exhibition in the Gostiny Dvor.

Presented at the NAYADA stand were ready furniture products designed by leading Russian architects Sergey Choban and Sergey Kuznetsov, Totan Kuzembayev, Vladimir Kuzmin, Boris Levyant and Irina Prisedskaya, and Eugenia Polyantseva. The sixth member of the project was the famous Italian architect Luca Scacchetti. All furniture collections are implemented in Russia at the production facilities of NAYADA. The main task of the whole project is to present a modern and individual view of executive offices by the masters of architecture, and show the very process of creating products.

Presentation of the new PIGRECO furniture collection designed by Luca Scacchetti for the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project surprised the guests of the Furniture Show. Each office was also presented by its own unique sound and dance composition, through which one could see the nature and characteristics of each collection. Leave behind the standard patterns of thinking, to reveal themselves and their capabilities in a rather serious place – in the office – this was the basic idea for performance of each dance. “Watching these performances,” Luca Scacchetti, member of the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project, shared his impressions of what he saw. “I understand the meaning of our work –- we do not just design and sell furniture, we add life. Its purpose is to come alive together with the people.”

Dmitry Cherepkov, President of NAYADA GC, told about the project and its history: “Brave, and to some extent risky for Russian industrial design, the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project stands out among the usual furniture collections. This project is, in many ways, the flight of thoughts of an architect. Typically, new furniture implementation process takes two years at most companies, while we do it in only six months. Another important feature of the project is its openness: we show how the project develops – the sketches, the first samples, the prototypes, and of course the end result.”

At the presentation, people learned the name of another participant of this project – the famous Italian architect Marco Piva. At this event, he officially signed an agreement to participate in the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project.

Everyone was able to participate in the project. The “NAYADA: Beauty of bold solutions” Photoproject demonstrated the beauty of daring design solution in the “12 Architects Create Furniture”.

About the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project: The “12 Architects Create Furniture” project was launched in January 2012 and is designed to run for three years. The first part of the project consisted of 5 original ideas from leading architectural studios and offices in Russia. For two years, the project was presented at major international exhibitions such as the Orgatec in Cologne and I Saloni 2013 in Milan. At the ARCH Moscow 2013 Exhibition, the project won a diploma in the nomination “Best special project in the field of design”. In 2014, two Italian architects joined the project.