Reception counters based on NAYADA-Optima+ mobile partitions.

NAYADA Company offers another original solution – using NAYADA-Optima+ mobile partition for reception counters production.

One of these counters is already installed in the new building of the Family Planning Centre. It utilizes solid modules of NAYADA Optima+ mobile partition. MDF slab covered with plastic is used for filling in the solid part of the module. The guest table-top is made from mat tempered glass.

Not only solid, but also combined modules with mat glass or glass covered with special decorative tape can be used for such reception counters. For filling in the solid part different materials including vinyl coating, laminated wooden panels, colored plastic or veneer an be used.

The upper guest table top can be made of tempered transparent or mat glass, veneer or plastic MDF sheet.

The working part of the table-top is usually made of laminated wooden panels or MDF.

Reception counters based on NAYADA-Optima+ mobile partitions