Interior partitions NAYADA-Intero-700


The acoustic partitions system with hinged sections, the NAYADA-Intero-700, meets all the requirements set by modern consumers. It harmoniously combines advantages of different building materials, thus enabling the design to demonstrate strength and reliability, while embodying an external elegance. The NAYADA-Intero-700 allows keeping a sense of visual space, while at the same time, not conceding in its soundproofing characteristics to solid partitions.

Visually light and elegant transparent walls of NAYADA-Intero-700, in the degree of sound insulation, are not inferior to traditional solid structures. Thus, it is possible to provide a comfortable and spacious environment, without blocking one’s self off from the outside world in an opaque dark box. Open Space – this is the current trend in the construction and arrangement of offices. However, the open space should be environmentally friendly as well, first of all when it comes to freedom from sound pollution.


    Intero-400 Intero-700
  Partition thickness 85 mm 114 mm
  Maximum height 4.5 m 4.5 m
  Soundproofing 37 dB 37 dB

Construction characteristics of the NAYADA-Intero-700 system

The NAYADA-Intero-700 partitions system can arrange into a single space, various designs and purposes.

Personalization of space – is another important trend in modern partitions. We spend half of our daylight hours working in an office. Therefore, to make our work as comfortable and pleasant as possible, the interior should be created using bright colors, finishes, visually warm and cozy materials, to diversify the plane of the wall, alternating solid and transparent sections. The NAYADA-Intero-700 helps to form amazing and diverse office spaces, while maintaining the integrity of interior solutions.


An ideal solution – is when any office area can be arranged using the same partitions system, while avoiding various compromises. And this is where the NAYADA-Intero-700 fits the bill. Its versatility lies in the design. Into the walls of the NAYADA-Intero-700 can be placed hidden wiring panels for mounting wiring accessories. Stained glass (glazing) sections of the NAYADA-Intero-700 partitions allow the installation of different types of blinds, and roller blinds, which are essential in the construction of meeting rooms.

If it is necessary to construct offices for VIP-persons, or the task is to equip the room to look as "expensive" as possible, the NAYADA-Intero-700 comes to the rescue. Because the design of this system does not have any external fasteners, nothing will act as a distraction from the most expensive materials – such as wood veneer or leather. The panels in the NAYADA-Intero-700 system are attached using hidden elements, and that is why from the outside, only the finishing materials can be seen – and nothing else.

Thanks to the sophisticated design and the availability of special profiles, the NAYADA-Intero-700 basic walls can be easily combined with any lightweight partitions systems, such as the NAYADA-Standart, or even invisible ones – such as frameless NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions. The goal of NAYADA – is to offer complete integrated solutions. Not just the trendy and cutting-edge, yet separate systems, but modern constructions that are real PRODUCTS – which then become real SOLUTIONS for anywhere people work or rest.


These partitions can be supplemented with glass with variable transparency — fully or partially.

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