Peter Fomenko Theater

About project

City: Moscow
Business type: State institutions
Object type: Public buildings

Project history


Project: «Peter Fomenko Workshop» theater
Architects: Sergey Gnedovsky
Project manager from NAYADA: Nadezhda Pletneva
Design engineer: Georgy Sviridov
Installed partitions: NAYADA-SmartWall, height 5,2m.

Peculiarities of the project

NAYADA-SmartWall operable partition installed at the Peter Fomenko Workshop functions as a curtain, backdrop and a decoration element.

It allows to use one and the same space in different ways and solve a lot of problems with consideration for a «black box» space organization principle popular in modern theatrical architecture. Depending on scenography and performance the audience hall cal look as a a classical amphitheater or it can be divided into two parts by the stage or even to be combined with the crush-room.

To bring the architectural idea into life, the operable partition had to be fixed to a vertical wall and not to the ceiling, as it is done usually. In order that massive partition sections (5,2 m high and 1 m wide each) were safely suspended and functioned properly, NAYADA specialists had to create special track rackers. Special triangle supports set above the parking zone provided the correct margin of safety for the whole construction.

When assembled NAYADA- Hufcor partition can be used as a backdrop during theatrical performances or a wall separating smaller hall from the crush-room (sound insulation more than 42dB). Specially created two-sided parking draws partition sideways resembling a draw curtain. This allows to shift action deep into the scene. When partition is half assembled and spaces appear between its panels, NAYADA- Hufcor practically becomes a part of the action turning into a decoration element. Disassembled partition joins the hall, the stage and the slips allowing to shift the action in the center of the theater area.

The color of the new partition also attracts attention. Panels on the side, which faces the audience are finished with wenge veneer that matches the color of the floor and intensify the curtain effect. The side, which faces the slides is finished with MDF, which can be painted any color.