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12 Architects Create Furniture

Dmitriy Cherepkov

This project presents the work of six architectural teams designing furniture for executives.

This concept has several key features in our view.

First, this is a kind of laboratory for researching new forms and solutions. We wanted to develop the most modern concepts, completely independent of existing restrictive furniture trends. That’s why we reached out to architects, the experts who understand how to create significantly larger objects, and gave them the freedom to choose their materials and technologies. Based on their wealth of interior office design experience and work with leading executives, the authors presented their visions for solutions that meet today’s market needs.

Moreover, as many attendees at our exhibitions have noted, this need really does exist and can be captured in the term: Personalized Offices.

Our project’s second key feature is that we show not only the resulting furniture pieces, but also the entire creative process from concept to implementation.

Each collection includes an executive desk, conference table, and credenza plus shelves or racks. We have already begun production of the office furniture collections featured in this booklet at the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory, which is part of NAYADA Group of Companies. We would like to express our appreciation to all of the participants and partners in this project.

We would like to express our thanks to all participants and partners of the project.


Classics, modernity, and technology: the TOUCH collection by Marco Piva for NAYADA’s “12 Architects Create Furniture”
NAYADA will present new products at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015
New developments in offices for the executive by SPEECH, authors S. Choban and S. Kuznetsov
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Project history

December, 2011 – January, 2012
Negotiations with the authors

The project has been started. The structure and the number of the participants of its first part have been approved of. The five architects, presenting the architect bureaus and workshops, well-known in the international market, have been chosen. The Russian specialists have been very interested in the idea to work within the project "12 architects". "Workplace" Project".

February – March, 2012
Coordination of drafts

The first results of the creative work have been presented. The ideas are becoming visible. An active work on coordination of the future workplaces of directors, drawn in the form of the authors’ drafts, is carried out.

April, 2012
Development of the technologies and materials

The ideas are materialized. The participants have started choosing the technology of embodiment of the elements of the future interior, choose the materials. A customized approach to the author viewing and the new unique facets to the workplaces are created.

For the first time the architects tell the mass media about their plans of implementation of the author solutions and take part in the press conference with presentation of the Project. The public gets acquainted with the project in the central office of the NAYADA Group of companies.

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«12 Architects Create Furniture»

Project Speech
Sergey Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov, «SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov», Nicholas Barsan (ST Design)
When new architectural objects are being created, I consider the discovery of a new shape to be a priority

ABD’Vise Project
Boris Levyant & Irina Prisedsky, ABD architects
Creation of a new object for us, in the first place, is an excitement, which originates when solving the task set by the customer.

«Profile» Project
Vladimir Kuzmin, «Pole-design» studio
“Profile” collection idea is to obtain a result by minimum of means, by single approach, by clear and explicit form without decorative ruses…

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